Staging Tips to Increase Your Chances of Home Selling in Norman

Norman is most notable for being home to the Sooners. The housing market is constantly revolving in this area because students are coming and going to attend college.

But how do you stand out in such a popular area for homebuyers?

If you’re getting ready to sell, then here’s all you need to know about staging your property to increase your chances of selling your Norman home.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Pay attention to your landscaping. This is the first thing a buyer will see and the easiest way to make a good first impression.

Limit the use of yard decorations and flags. Too many items can make the yard look cluttered and messy. Adding a deck or patio is a huge selling point for most buyers. If you already have one, make sure it’s sturdy and the boards look healthy. A power washer can clean the surface of the boards and make them look brand new.

Plant bushes and colorful flowers. Take time to mow the lawn, or hire a professional to do the job for you. Clean the sidewalk and wash the windows. When the prospective buyer pulls up you want them to instantly feel at home.

Invest in a Deep Clean

Maximize your spending limits by cleaning instead of replacing certain items around your home. For example, shower heads and faucets can be easily cleaned by using an aggressive cleaner and scrubbing with steel wool.  

If you aren't planning to re-paint, scrub your walls and vigorously search high and low for cobwebs by using a vacuum cleaner to clear them away.

You can also use your vacuum to clear dust gathered on ceiling fans and blinds. It might also help to bring in a carpet cleaner. Deep cleaning your home will give it a fresh atmosphere and save money on items you once thought needed to be replaced.

If you don’t have time to tackle the job yourself, hire a cleaning company to come in and tackle your to-do list.

Limit Your Sooner Gear

Okay, we know Sooner fans have pride in their favorite team, but now might not be the best time to show it in your home or on your lawn.

When selling your home, keep in mind, not everyone (unfortunately) will be a sooner fan. This is especially true if your home buyer is moving from out of state. Try to keep sports memorabilia tasteful and to a minimum.

This doesn't mean you have to hide all of your merchandise, but it's a good idea to limit the use of bulky signs, figures, and items that might insult opposing teams.

The same is true for political signs. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell your house based on a political ideology or a favorite sports team.

Update Your Appliances

If your kitchen appliances are outdated, dirty, or even broken, it will be a major deal breaker for buyers. Seeing new appliances means less money out of their pocket to replace them if something goes wrong in the future.

Even adding a new kitchen faucet can completely transform the look of your kitchen. Purchasing these items might seem like a hassle now, but you could sell your home for more if you invest in a new refrigerator or stove top.

Use Neutral Colors

Chances are, both men and women will be touring your home. Use gender-neutral colors, and try to stay clear of bright pinks and purples. Metallic colors such as silver, gold, and titanium are widely popular and can offer some shine in areas with less natural sunlight.

Everyone has their own tastes, so you don’t want your eclectic style to turn off a traditional buyer. Let them see your home as a blank slate that they can make theirs in years or decades to come.

Leverage Your Storm Shelters

If you have a storm shelter, open and clean it out before you show your home. Place bug bombs in ahead of time then vacuum or sweep out the remaining debris.

Place a small rack in the corner to store emergency supplies. Even adding a weather radio can look like a major bonus. Especially for home buyers from out of state, who aren't familiar with Oklahoma weather. Add chairs and battery operated lighting to ensure the shelter looks like an inviting place, rather than dusty and dark.

Is selling your home making you feel overwhelmed? Call us today at 405.310.2796 , and we can help you put a “sold” sticker over your “for sale” sign.