6 Checklist Items for Home Listings in Norman

So, you’ve found your dream home. 

You’ve started the packing process, coordinated movers and now you can’t wait until the big day. It’s easy to immerse yourself in the excitement of a new home but there’s just one problem — you still need to sell your current one. 

The music stops. Then, you’re pulled back into reality.

It can take anywhere from weeks to months to sell a home. And while working with a realtor speeds up the process, it’s still up to you to showcase the home in a way that attracts potential buyers. A home can sell itself as long as it’s been priced right and promoted in a way that communicates value to readers.

A common obstacle people encounter when selling their homes is market noise. Property advertisements and listings tend to blend together after a while. So, to ensure your home is getting the attention it deserves, here are six tips to polish up your home listings in Norman.


1. Put careful thought into your headline.

Because readers are being bombarded with marketing and sales pitches on a daily basis, it can be difficult capturing seconds of their time. To win over their attention (and hopefully hearts later), it’s not about using caps and exclamation marks — it’s about reaching them on an emotional level. 

When you think about it, you have seconds to catch someone’s attention before they move on. In today’s world, words like “comfy” and “charming” have lost their touch. To boost readers’ interest in reading more, it’s important to create a headline that’s both descriptive and enticing. 

Wondering how this simple change affects home listings in Norman? Here’s an example of how simple verbiage can change the tone and sentiment of a headline. Let’s say your home overlooks a lake, river or another body of water.

  • Original Headline: “2-Story Home With Fantastic Views”

  • Optimized Headline: “Spacious Home With Panoramic Views of the Land and Sea.”


2. Draw in readers with an enticing opening statement.

Once you’ve gotten the attention of the reader, a well-written opening statement should expand upon the headline and compile them to read further into the description. Think of this section as the chance to communicate your value proposition. Set the scene at a high level and describe something unique about the property — like its location or maybe a vintage architectural style.


3. Highlight the property’s features AND fine print details.

This is a section we see a lot of struggle with home listings in Norman. Homeowners are quick to include simple facts and data about the property like the number of bedrooms, square footage and asking price (as they should). However, they forget to highlight the home’s special features like decks, hardwood floors or marble countertops.

Additionally, they forget to include the name brands of any premium appliances, windows or doors. When listing upgrades, be sure to point out anything that’s new, refinished or improved. As we mentioned, home listings in Norman need to communicate value as much as possible. This is what helps you strike a deal that’s much closer to your asking price.


4. Set the scene with a little narration.

Now, it’s time for the fun part. In the body section of the description, tell readers what it’s like to live there. In fact, don’t do that — show them what it’s like. Words like “bright” and “luxurious” typically generate better offers because they’re tied to emotions. Rather than just listing out features, describe the benefits of those features to help readers picture themselves using the space.

If you need some ideas for boosting your description, here are 15 words that can instantly add value to home listings in Norman: https://www.zillow.com/blog/15-words-that-add-value-171182/.


5. Create a sense of urgency with a call-to-action.

In most scenarios, there will be a button or link included in the listing that readers will use to contact you. However, it never hurts to include additional call-to-actions (CTA’s). In fact, it can help strengthen your chances of scoring a tour. The best CTA’s pair a verb and an immediate benefit. Here are some examples:

  • Reach out to us today to view this home.

  • Email us to schedule a private viewing this week.

  • Click below to take a virtual tour of the property.


6. Strengthen the listing with high-quality imagery.

When a prospect begins their search for a home, whether that be filtered by neighborhood or price, the search engine will immediately pull up property photos. And, these make the strongest impression on home listings in Norman.

You or your real estate agent can take photos of the home. But to be candid, the best results come from professional photographers. If you’re in a rush to sell a home, virtual tours, drone videos and perfectly staged photos are well worth the investment.

If you’re opting for the DIY method, here are some tips that’ll make your property look professional and inviting:








Photo courtesy of Zillow.

Photo courtesy of Zillow.

When in doubt, acquire as much feedback as possible.

Setting up home listings in Norman doesn’t need to be stressful. If you’re working with a real estate agent, ask them for the best listing and home staging tips. Or, if you’re selling on your own, ask prospects what stood out in your listing and where they saw it.

If you or someone you know is looking to sell their home, Rieger has deep-rooted knowledge of the Norman area and can make the moving process as smooth as possible. For more information, reach out to our team today at (405) 310-2796!