How to Sell a Home in Norman When You’re Under a Time Crunch

Spring is here and you know what that means — it’s time to gear up for peak home buying season! Setting the right price and making a good impression are essential. However, there are some extra steps you can take to get the offers rolling in quickly. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing our eight tips for selling a home in Norman when you’re pressed for time. 


1. Getting the Price Right

When selling a home, many people start out with a higher asking price then lower it as the home fails to attract a buyer. The problem here is that this practice actually results in a slower sale – and sometimes at a much lower price point than you forecast. 

To prevent this, keep in mind that the first month your house is on the market is probably the most activity you’re going to see. If the price is too high, this will cause prospects or their real estate agents to turn away. They’ll jump to the conclusion that you’re not in any hurry to sell, or that you’re unwilling to negotiate the price.

The fix? Be strategic and prepared to back the price with tangible value. Did you just replace your countertops with granite? Is your home located in a prestigious school district? Create a running list of interior and exterior factors that affect the pricing of your home. And more importantly, make sure to include these aspects in your home listing.


2. Enhance Your Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is the first thing potential buyers see in listings and in-person. If your property doesn’t look good, prospects are less likely to move on to interior photos or contact our agent to schedule a tour. Tidy up your yard, trim and shape hedges, add new sod and plant vibrant flowers. 

Curb appeal is everything and visitors will develop an opinion the moment they encounter your home. Add a fresh coat of paint to your front door, trim, shutters and replace any fixtures as needed. Pressure-washing your siding, walkways and driveway will also freshen up the look of your home. Remember, every little detail matters. 


3. Make Simple Updates to the Interior 

Looking for affordable ways to give your home a much-needed facelift? It can be tempting taking on mighty projects as you collect ideas on Pinterest and Houzz. However, it’s important to not go overboard. Major remodels are not only expensive, but chances are, you won’t receive a 100% return. 

We recommend focusing on small upgrades in the most important rooms of your home – particularly the kitchen, living room and master bathroom. New cabinetry and stainless steel appliances make a huge difference. Light fixtures, hardware and decorative elements (like shower curtains and hand towels) help elevate the look of an otherwise basic restroom.


4. Declutter and Organize

Remember, the fewer items in your home, the larger it will look to prospective buyers. When selling a home in Norman, remove clutter, knickknacks and excess furniture. And more importantly, don’t put everything in your closets. Buyers DO look in them and the clutter will give the impression that your home is strapped for storage. 


5. Set the Stage

Take down family photos, religious items or memorabilia so prospective buyers can envision their family in the home – not yours. This will also make it easier for visitors to focus on your home’s features. If you have odd spaces in your home that don’t really have a role, give them one to give the prospect an example of how they could utilize the space. For example, an alcove could be staged as a pantry or an extra bedroom could be used as a home office.


6. Practice Flexibility with Tours

As we mentioned, spring is the peak time for buying and selling homes. Keep in mind, the more flexible you are with visitors, the more prospects will see your home. During this time, keep your mornings, nights and weekends open – expecting little to no notice. And, when people are touring your home, leave them with the agent so buyers feel free to roam the space without feeling like they’re intruding. This will also encourage them to speak openly about the pros and cons of the house.


7. Optimize Your Online Listings

First and foremost, make sure your listing is present on all the major portals. Zillow, Trulia and are just a few to get you started. It also helps you and your agent also showcase the home on social media. You never know if a friend or distant relative may be looking to move into the neighborhood.

As far as the listings go themselves, remember that most homebuyers start their search and decide which homes to review based on photos. Forgo snapshots on your phone and invest in some good photography of your property. We also recommend including photos and information about the neighborhood, school district, shopping and dining options.


8. Partner With the Right Realtor

One of the most important tips when selling a home in Norman is hiring the right real estate agent. Don’t choose one because of their mutual love for the university. A successful track record matters most and proves they know how to sell your home quickly. When interviewing real estate agents, ask these key questions and make sure they’re familiar with the perks and pitfalls of your neighborhood.



Our experts here at Rieger Realty have a long-standing history with the area and have tried-and-true methods to help you accumulate offers quickly. To learn more about our residential services or to schedule a meeting with one of our realtors, reach out to us today at (405) 310-2796.