Storytime: Selling the First Home

Jumping in the real estate market brings to the surface a lot of new fears, like no one coming to a showing or botching big negotiations. I wasn’t immune to these concerns, but despite a little uncertainty, I took the plunge into the industry.

It took awhile to get started, and we won't forget our first client who entrusted us to sell their home.

The first real estate clients I had were an older couple that had me list their home.  The home was built in 1972 and was needing quite a bit of updating.  The garage had been converted to living space and garage workspace.  I was so nervous!

The referral came from their son, who was a respected businessman in Norman, and I wanted to make a good impression and sell this home quickly.  That was not the case.  The house was on the market for almost a year.  The owners finally converted the garage back to a 2-car garage.  Soon after that, it sold.

The sellers were very kind, and the husband was opinionated.  At first, I didn’t know how to work with him, but I learned how to as the transaction progressed.  They not only had me list their home but I also assisted them in buying their next, smaller home that was better suited and accessible for them.

Since then, we have helped many families buy and sell their homes. Now, our company provides a breadth of experience and knowledge within our office that is a rare find in the real estate brokerage business. People want a dedicated realtor who is passionate about the industry. And we are certainly excited to go to work every day and have been since our very first client.

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