5 Ways Rieger Realty Can Help You Buy or Sell Fast

Are you dreading the process of trying to sell your home or buy a new house? Don’t worry. You are not alone. It’s a daunting task. However, with the right realtor, you can buy or sell fast. When you hire us at Rieger Realty, we share all of our industry secrets and make sure you can reach the finish line in record time.


1. You’ll Have Access To Our Resources

There’s a good chance you spend a lot of time on online platforms designed for buying or selling homes. The biggest transition in the industry is now people do a lot of searching for themselves and tell us what they want to see. These websites are great for getting started, but they don’t tell the whole story about the current marketplace.

When you choose Rieger Realty, you have access to all of our resources for any and all situations. We can provide a very targeted search. We might have properties not listed on Realtor.com or Zillow.com for individuals looking to purchase, or we can connect you with buyers who are seeking homes offline.  


2. We Provide Guidance On Lending, Inspections and Pricing.

Are you selling your home at the right price? Are you buying a home at a fair price? Those are difficult questions to answer unless you are knowledgeable about the market of a specific geographic area.

Buying and selling homes is our passion. We are immersed in the industry, and we are very familiar with the entire process from start to finish.

It is important to work with a realtor because of the knowledge they have about the transaction. We help people work through questions on lending, home inspections and pricing of properties.  


3. Everyone Needs An Objective Opinion.

Buying and selling a home can be very emotional for both parties and by using a realtor you take that emotion out of the transaction.

Sometimes, you can overvalue the property you’ve called home for all these years. It certainly has special meaning to you, and it is natural to think it is worth more, but a realtor can help direct you to the right number and encourage when it is time to negotiate.

A realtor can keep you on track through the home buying process. If you have a specific budget or set of “needs” for your next home, then they can provide you gentle reminders when you are occasionally wowed by something else.


4. You’ll Have Expert Negotiators In Your Corner.

One of the most intimidating steps of buying or selling a home is the negotiation.

Good news! When you work with a realtor, they handle all of the negotiations. Rieger Realty is qualified and knowledgeable and ready to help you get the best deal on your home, or sell for an ideal price.

Negotiation is more than just the final price. It also includes potential closing expenses, extra home projects like a new roof or an earlier move-in date.


5. We Give You The Road Map To Reach Your Goals.

If you jumped in your car to travel to a new town or state, you will probably use a GPS to help you navigate. A map will help you get to your destination faster, just like how Rieger Realty can help you buy or sell fast.

There are a lot of steps in the home buying or selling process. It is very time consuming, and we are here to make sure the transaction goes as seamless as possible.

Are you starting the home buying or selling journey? Let us help you reach your goals efficiently. Your first step is to call us at (405) 329-6070.