How to Find the Best Realtor in Oklahoma

A realtor will make or break the home buying or home selling experience. You’ll spend a lot of time with your realtor traveling from home to home trying to find the perfect place, and you’d expect them to have a certain level of expertise in the market. You might also need help determining the right price to sell your property. Just like any industry, some realtors are more seasoned than others, so how do you find the best realtor in Oklahoma?

First off, “the best” realtor doesn’t mean there is only one good option for everyone in Oklahoma, it means the best realtor for you because you need someone who can handle your specific needs.

What you don’t want to do is just work with the first realtor you meet. It may seem easy to just stick with the first contact, but with a little extra research and screening, you might find a realtor better for you.


1. Start by knowing your options.

Pull out your phone or your tablet and start looking for realtors near you. You should have easy access to reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp.

Nobody will have perfect reviews, but it’s best to look for qualities you value the most like a realtor who is exceptionally knowledgeable about the area or someone who will show homes outside of business hours because your work isn’t as flexible.

Finding the right realtor for you might mean asking your family or friends about their experiences. Ask them for specifics like what’s one thing their realtor did to go above and beyond expectations, or what is one thing they wish their realtor did differently. Unlike online reviews, you can ask for clarification

Get a list of potential realtors, and then start narrowing down your search based on other qualities.


2. Ask the right questions.

After you start narrowing your search, it’s important to ask realtors the right questions like:

  • What is your ratio of buyers to sellers? - This question let’s you know where they spend most of their time either helping buyers hunt down options or seller’s negotiate the right price.

  • How long have you been selling real estate? - While new realtors might be just as good as seasoned realtors, sometimes experience correlates with knowledge and expertise. You’ll also want someone who is experienced with selling your type of property in your area.

  • How many clients do you have? - You’ll want to make sure your realtor has time to give you their best effort.

  • How will we communicate during the buying or selling process? - It’s important a realtor can communicate with you effectively, and if they only contact clients via calling on the phone, but you prefer text messaging, you might need to look elsewhere.


3. Choose the right personality.

You’ll spend a lot of time with your realtor, so you’ll want to make sure your personalities do not clash. If your realtor enjoys a long conversation, but you’d prefer just quick tours of potential properties, then you might find yourself annoyed because they aren’t moving fast enough.  Write down a list of a few characteristics that mean the most to you, and try to find a realtor who is a good match for you.


4. Look for a technologically-savvy agent.

If you’re buying or selling technology plays a big role in the real estate market. The best realtors in Oklahoma will know how to leverage listing sites for your benefit. They should also know how to market on a variety of platforms including social media.


5. Choose a realtor experienced with your price range.

The market changes drastically from one price range to another. For example, if you are purchasing or selling a home $500,000 or more it might be a buyer’s market. So, the strategy for landing a contract or negotiating may be different. In contrast, homes under $275,000 might be a seller’s market so the strategy might change again. It’s best if you choose a realtor who is comfortable with your price range.


6. The best realtor is local.  

Every town is different when it comes to real estate. There are even major differences between neighborhoods. A local realtor will be better equipped to know what neighborhoods are growing and be able to tell you if your home is priced right.


6. Don’t get wooed by empty promises or low fees.

When you’re selling a house, it’s common to assume the two most important variables are the realtor’s commission fees and the selling price. While those are very important, you’ don’t want to choose your realtor on fees alone or listing price. The best realtor in Oklahoma will know how to price your home perfectly, so it moves off the market efficiently and you sell it in the right range. The best realtor won’t promise the lowest fees and the highest listing.

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