4 Qualities of a Perfect Home for Sale in Norman for Newlyweds

Buying a new home in Norman is always a time-consuming process between taking tours and talking to mortgage companies. If you’re a newlywed couple, then you are also trying to learn about each other too.

Take a deep breath, and take your time. Looking for homes for sale in Norman doesn’t have to be a sprint. In fact, don’t expect it to be a quick process at all. Instead, enjoy the process, communicate often, and you’ll be moving before you know it.  If you want a perfect home in Norman, then here are four qualities you should be looking for.


1. It’s the right price.

One of the most important parts of looking for a home for sale in Norman is knowing what you can afford. If you’ve just tied the knot, you’re also learning how to communicate with your spouse and how to combine bank accounts effectively. Creating your home budget will take a lot of cooperation.

Finding the sweet spot of affordability and necessity can be a little challenging.  Thankfully, a realtor can help you with these needs.

Once you have a budget in place, you also need to create a goal for your time investment.  House hunting is a time-consuming process. It could take months locating the perfect location,  Give yourself some leeway in finding your abode.  


2. The house is close to what you care about.

It is essential to find a place that is the center of all of the things you care about.  Do you want to be close to your family?  A short drive means easy visits to parents and grandparents for the holidays.  Do you need to move closer to work or school to reduce your commute?  

Determine what is best for you, your spouse and your needs as a couple. It always helps to make a home wish list to bring to your realtor, which should include the location, price, size, number of rooms and other features.


3. It might need a little sweat equity.

Sometimes the perfect home needs a little TLC for it to look exceptional. If you’re trying to find a home in the right price range and location, you might be left having to compromise on style.

Some homes come with floors that glisten and walls with fresh paint.  While many times, having a home that is live-in ready is the goal, that can drive up the costs.  If you come to a house that needs new floors or new kitchen countertops, don't fret.  Often, these are simple fixes that can be taken care of at a later date.  

Besides, this allows you to turn your home into your dream.  Now you can save up for that new quartz countertop or perfect hardwood floors.  Don’t forget to pick up some paint swatches to match your new couch.  You can also invest in new energy efficient windows and other features.

Remember, don’t be afraid of a home that needs a little work.  Small fixes are no problem, and doing them at a later date means doing them on your terms and within your budget.


4. Start small. You can upgrade later.

A smaller home is a great place to start. You’ve just begun sharing your life with another person. You don’t need to choose where you’ll spend the next 50 years immediately. Just find something quaint and simple.

Bigger isn’t always better. If it’s just the two of you right now, a smaller home will be easier to customize since a can of paint will go a lot farther. Maintenance is super simple since clearing out the gutters takes minutes, and fewer windows mean less time cleaning and more time to enjoy with your new spouse.

Another benefit of a smaller space is lower utility expenses. When you’re ready to upgrade to a bigger home if you plan on having a growing family, a more modest home might sell faster because there are always young couples looking for their first home and retired couples looking to downsize.


Have patience with each other and the process

The first year of marriage is all about discovering little quirks about each other. Moving is a stressful event, so be patient with one another through the process. Once you do find that perfect home for sale in Norman, moving can happen in a whirlwind.  A couple of tips for that exciting time:

  • Take your time when packing up before you move.  Sorting through your things is easier before the move when you can filter through clothes or memorabilia that would be better for long-term storage.

  • Do a deep clean of your new home.  Scrubbing floors is simple to do before boxes and furniture arrive.  Take time to inspect every nook and cranny, making a to-do list of things you need to fix and items you want to refinish.

Once you are moved in, you will be amazed at all the time you have now that you aren't looking for and moving into a new home.  You just have to get started, and we want to help. Schedule a tour or talk to a realtor today by calling us at 405.310.2796.