Your 3 Most Common House Hunting Scenarios Answered

Every day we help singles, couples and families find the home of their dreams. We never said it was an easy task, though. To be quite honest, house hunting can be both confusing AND stressful. Who knew, right?

We have an inkling you’ve experienced this in the past – or maybe you’re dealing with it right this moment. Whichever case you find yourself in, we’d like to take a second to say, “Just breathe.” It will be okay.

Some of the most unnerving aspects of finding a home have to do with money, time and resources – and we don’t expect you to have all the answers. Quite frankly, we’d be more surprised if you did.

Today on our blog, we’ll be sharing how to tackle the three most common house hunting scenarios. So whether it’s budget that keeps up all night or the sheer intimidation of the housing market, you can always count on Rieger Realty to lend you a hand in your search. 


Scenario 1: Limited Budget

Let’s be real here, money itself is a life stressor. We work with single incomes, limited budgets and help maximize value wherever we can. And for couples and families, we look for spacious homes they can grow into as time passes. At Rieger Realty, our goal is working with your specific needs – whatever circumstance you’re in. We don’t want you to fear purchasing a new home because of difficult house hunting scenarios.


Scenario 2: Limited Resources

The second thing we want to stress is you have resources when you work with Rieger Realty. We don’t just hand you a booklet of listings, we know Norman like the back of our hand. Looking for a property in Brookhaven? Even if we don’t have one readily available, we can point you in the direction of someone who does. Resources like MLS, local networks and partnerships allow us to find those charming homes you won’t see listed on common real estate sites. Our team is able to provide an extremely targeted search whatever you’re looking for. This not only saves you time in your search but alleviates headaches throughout the process.  


Scenario 3: Limited Knowledge of Area

One of the other house hunting scenarios we often encounter is limited knowledge of the area – especially if you’re relocating from another town. You may like the house, the space and even the price tag, but is in a good school district? Are the neighbors nice? Are there busy intersections nearby? These are all questions you won’t find answered in a typical real estate listing. It’s important to work with a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the area. 


A fact you may not have known; the Riegers have been active in Norman’s real estate community since the 1930’s. A lot has changed since then, but not the commitment to our clients. Whether you’re considering purchasing your first home, moving into together for the first time, or looking for a place to start a family, you can always count on Rieger Realty to walk you through the house hunting process. 

For more information about our services, give our team a call at (405) 310-2796. If you’re just starting your home search, we encourage you to head over to our Residential Listings page and check out some of our most recent gems.