Three Basics to Consider Before You Relocate

Whether it’s a job change, moving closer to family, seeking a different school district or simply wanting an upgrade in scenery, home or neighborhood, more than 40 million Americans move each year. If you’re one of the millions flirting with the idea of making a move, here are a few things you should consider before bubble wrapping your valuables.


Housing may be less expensive outside of the downtown area, the space and scenery may be appealing, but you have to be sure to weigh those advantages with possible disadvantages such as time spent in the car, gas expense, potential parking costs, wear and tear on your vehicle and more. Be sure that if you choose something outside of the city, you are able to get home from work in time to enjoy your free time. Prioritize what you value most – whether it’s personal space, shorter commute, walking versus car travel, etc. 



If your move involves children, you’ll want to factor in schools before you move. Are there before and after school programs available, is there an active parent teacher association, is there a waiting list to get a spot for your child, what are the discipline and safety policies? Be sure to view the school’s report card. Evaluating schools to see if they are the best option for your family before you move can give you peace of mind. 



Sports, music, arts, restaurants, parks, movies and other entertainment options may not seem like the most important factor in your move, but you will definitely want to find out what options are available in your new area. If you like to eat healthy, are health-conscious restaurants nearby? What about gyms or walking trails? Depending on how you prefer to spend your free time, you’ll want a variety of opportunities that fit your lifestyle. 


Basically, always evaluate what you gain and lose during a relocation to ensure it’s right for you and your family.