Healthy Lifestyles with Rieger Realty

Hey, all you health nuts! Eating out and being health-conscious typically don’t match up too well. Life on the go means you don’t always have time to cook your own food. Rieger Realty knows a few restaurants in the Norman and OKC metro that are great options for healthy eating out.



  • Breakfast menu with organic products

  • Mission: “To serve our community and our planet to the best of our ability by offering clean food, minimal waste, and a home away from home for folks to gather while nourishing their bodies and souls.”

  • Vegetarian and Vegan options including tofu


  • Daily breakfast options for a warm and healthy way to start any day

  • Quality focused weekend brunch specials

  • European inspired cuisine meaning simple and fresh preparation




  • Expansive menu of salads, quinoa bowls, sandwiches, and more

  • Mission: “Being healthy is a lifestyle.”

  • Three convenient locations, two in Norman and one in north Oklahoma City


  • Catered menu to specific locations so they can provide truly fresh ingredients

  • Inspired by a simple, fresh, and from-the-garden mentality

  • Mediterranean cuisine, meaning grilling is the main method for cooking. Nothing is fried!




  • Named “Scratch” for the dedication to make everything from scratch the moment it’s ordered

  • Motto: “Eat Real Food, Drink More.”

  • Many menu items include “ingredients of the day” to offer customers the freshest options


  • Naturally raised meats

  • Locally and organically grown produce

  • Italian cuisine, meaning the freshest ingredients and healthy options available


Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t mean sacrificing eating out as you please. Brunch with friends and a nice dinner date can include healthy options if you know where to look. Rieger Realty has many homes available in wonderful location to these healthy eating options. Contact us at 405-310-2796 for questions on our homes. Happy healthy eating!