Big Little Town

Many people refer to Norman, Oklahoma as a “big little town” for good reason. What makes this city such an amazing place to live in is all of the places to visit and things to do while still being able to make personal connections with a majority of the people residing here.

I can go to the grocery store and run into a friend, head downtown and run into business associates or go to campus and run into President Boren. The atmosphere and quality of life here is unprecedented. People are friendlier, communities are clean and safe, and Norman has again been named the second least expensive city in America.

How could people not find the appeal to gravitate here?

Being a realtor in this city means I have the privilege to not only interact with all types of people, but it also means I get to firsthand witness the growth and changes happening in the city.

I watch students grow up and leave their rentals; I watch newlyweds sign contracts for their first home. Finding a home, whether permanent or temporary, is a process that is emotional, fun, scary and life-altering.

Knowing that I can help people with something that is so important absolutely provides all the happiness and satisfaction that I need in my career. That alone is enough for me as a realtor, businesswoman, friend and Normanite.