7 Ways to Increase Home Value on a Budget

While marble and herringbone wood floors may be in, it’s time to step out of that daydream. When you’re selling your home, the objective is to increase its value as much as possible. But, how do you do that without breaking the bank?

As it turns out, just a few simple changes transform a drab house to a contemporary gem. Keep reading to learn our 7 ways to increase home value on a budget!

1. Shut the front door.

Or, at least, change it out. Think for a moment how much foot traffic walks through that entryway. Replace your old one with a new steel door, is the perfect way to boost your curb appeal, communicate that you take pride in your property and hint at some energy efficiency.


2. What’s cooking, good looking?

Before you venture to Houzz or Pinterest, we’re talking minor kitchen upgrades. Refacing cabinets, switching out floorboards, and replacing knobs and fixtures is an easy way to give your kitchen a quick facelift.


3. Honey, can you run up to the attic?

If you’re a bit cramped for space, consider transforming your attic or basement into an extra room. You need to make sure that the space is up to state codes to qualify for living space. But, if you can manage it, the swap certain injects some equity.



4. Varoom, varoom.

A new garage door provides a big boost for your home’s curb appeal at a relatively modest cost. That’s especially good news if you’re thinking about selling your house. There are options galore, too. A host of factory-finish colors, wood-look embossed steel, and glass window insets are just some of the possibilities that’ll give your doors bankable personality.


5. First impressions are everything.

Whether it’s adding pavers to your walkway or a bit of color to your shutters, keeping your front yard fresh is a great way to boost curb appeal. When selling a home, a book is definitely judged by its cover. So, have the grass cut, the greenery pruned, and spruce up the front as much as possible.


6. You light up my life.

A dark living space isn’t the most inviting. If you’re really looking to boost your home value, we recommend taking advantage of some recessed lighting in the kitchen and bathroom areas. You can also use dimmer switches in entertainment spaces – it’ll really wow your potential buyers.


7. Someone’s gotta go.

Believe it or not, boosting the look of your bathroom greatly impacts your buyer’s decision. So, install new fixtures, regrout the shower and sink areas and choose a light, neutral color palette. This will instantly make the space look more contemporary (and relaxing). 



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