6 Things to Do After a Move

After you and your family make the big move, it’s time to get settled in. We’ve created a list of often forgotten tasks to complete as soon as you move in, transforming your house into a home that much quicker!

1. Setup utilities

You’re going to want to set up utilities in your new house so they’re up and running when you move in. Some utilities that you’ll want to check on include water and sewage, electricity, gas and cable. You don’t want to spend the first night in your new home with no lighting or heat!


2. Deep clean your home

This would be best to do before all of your boxes arrive, but needless to say, this is probably the first thing that will be on your list. Whether you are the first homeowner or the hundredth, a deep clean is necessary to get rid of the old and to get ready for you. Clean the appliances, countertops, floors and even the walls.


3. Find healthcare providers

Even though you are busy trying to adjust to your new home and trying to track down new health care providers doesn’t seem to be a priority, it should be. Inevitability, the time will come when someone in your family will need health care and when that day comes, you won’t want to spend the whole day tracking down a physician.

Ask your neighbors, co-workers or area school teachers who they recommend. It can help cut down on the daunting task of starting from scratch.


4. Register vehicles and register to vote

If you move to another city or state, make sure to check the government regulations to see if you need to re-register your vehicle or to vote.


5. Secure your home

Double check to make sure all the locks on the doors are new and that you’re the only one with the key to those doors. Make sure all windows have working locks as well. Give a spare key to a family member or a friend who has access into your home if something were to happen.


6. Love on your pets

Moves can be stressful for people, but they can be even more stressful for family pets. Before you bring your pet into your new home, try to clean the house up and to eliminate any previous pet odors that might be lingering. Once you bring them home, make sure to take the time to love on them a little bit more than normal because they are trying to figure out where they are and why they are there.