5 Ways to Help a Friend Relocate

You may be happy in your home and completely content with the area you live in. But, what about your family and friends? Everyone’s situation is unique. Whether you know someone who’s relocating or simply trying to convince them to move closer to you (pssst, we won’t rat you out), we’d love to make the process easier for them.

Our team at Rieger Realty understands there’s a bigger picture happening. Aside from the house itself, people move for a variety of reasons – commute, school district preferences, proximity to family, more space, the list goes on. 

And because a home is likely the most expensive thing you’ll ever purchase, you’ll want to ensure it’s the right investment. After all, it’s where you’ll be making memories and maybe even raising a family someday.

Moving can be stressful, though. And sometimes, it’s difficult knowing when and where you can help a loved one in the process. To keep you both sane when house hunting, we recommend these five ways to help a friend relocate.

1. Start Planning Early

If you live in (or near) an area of town your friend likes, spend a Saturday afternoon as their guide! Take a stroll and check out available homes, ask neighbors how much they enjoy it there, and investigate nearby properties that may affect market value. 

Next, work closely with a lender and see if you qualify for a mortgage. Getting pre-approved increases your chances with the seller.


2. Do Your Research

Work with a realtor (like Rieger Realty) who’s knowledgeable about the area and its changing markets. From there, identify rising rates and explore your options for loans. If your friend is currently living in a different area, we highly recommend these 6 real estate secrets.


3. Work Together

In one of our earlier blogs, we mentioned how important it is developing a group of trustees you can refer to for your real estate needs. The same concept pertains to your friendship during this process. 

There will be times your friend may not require your help – and you have to accept that. Likewise, there will be plenty of other times and scenarios when they’ll look to you for support and your honest recommendations.


4. Get Organized

When that special day comes when your friend has decided on a house, it’s time to sign paperwork and plan for the move! From organizing to packing and transport, we guarantee they’ll appreciate your help. Use this list to create a flawless moving timeline.


5. Settle In

You’d think with the house hunt over and the boxes transported, your work would be done. Right? Unfortunately, the chores don’t stop there. Your friend will need to transfer accounts over to their new address along with some other tasks. This is a fantastic resource to pass along to ensure they’re not missing anything.


Moving can be a real hassle. But with good friends and a great realtor, it can be an exciting time for you and your family. When you choose Rieger Realty, you can rest knowing we have access to extensive real estate resources including MLS. As a result, we’re able to cater to your unique situation and provide a more targeted search — saving you time, money and the headaches often associated with moving.

Feel free to explore our most recent Residential Listings. For more information on buying and selling processes or to learn how Rieger Realty can help in your specific situation, give us a call at (405) 310-2796.