12 Ways to Prep Your Home for Spring

Spring has officially sprung! We don’t know about you, but we’ve been aching to stretch our arms and spend some time outdoors. After this past season of topsy-turvy weather, we’re ready for sunnier days and breezy nights out on the porch.

This time of year is known for fresh starts (and fresh spaces) which is why we’ve gathered a list of 12 ways to prep your home for spring. Time to clear away those cobwebs, we’re going on a cleaning spree!

1. Clean out the closet.

Now that the temperatures are rising, it’s time to store away those winter flannels and sweaters. Organize them in labeled bins, airtight totes or boxes and keep them in a linen closet (or the attic) until the season returns. 


2. Switch out the linens.

Out with the wool blankets, it’s time to switch out your bedding. Cotton and linen materials are perfect for warm weather. And for those cool summer nights, keep a throw blanket nearby for snuggling. For an added bedroom refresher, we recommend trading out decorative pillows or changing up some of the color!


3. Declutter and organize.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a tidy home. To break it up, try tackling a room a day. Trash items you don’t like or use anymore and donate clothing and items that are in good condition. Once you cut through the clutter, you’re left to organize the rest. We personally love using hidden storage tubs for seasonal items or things you rarely use.


4. Replace detector batteries.

This item is more of a safety matter. It’s important to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon dioxide detectors at least once a year. Doing so not only keeps them functioning properly but keep your family safe!


5. Powerwash your driveway, walkway, deck or house.

Winter precipitation can leave your home and walkways covered in dirt and debris. Rent a power washer or take a sprayer and go to town. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes for your curb appeal.


6. Clear out the gutters.

If you live near a bunch of trees or tall shrubs, your gutters will more than likely be filled with dead leaves and debris. Since spring is known for rain, make it a point to clean out your gutters soon. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of mold.


7. Wipe off the patio furniture.

Whether your patio furniture endured the elements or was stored in the shed, it’s time to take it out and give it a good clean. With sturdier pieces, you can powerwash. With others, simply use a solution made from non-invasive cleaner and warm water. Click here for an in-depth guide on caring for specific outdoor furniture materials.


8. Tidy up the garage.

During winter, it’s easy to just toss things into the garage and forget about them. We recommend taking an afternoon to organize, donate and toss. Storage solutions like shelving, wall brackets and lidded tubs make locating items a breeze.


9. Spruce up your front door.

Save on utility costs while improving the overall look of your entryway. Probe the weather stripping around the door and caulk any post-winter gaps. Tighten hinges, clean knobs, wipe down the grooves in the door — and reseal if you’re particularly wild.


10. Clean and open up the windows.

Windows can be a “pane” to clean, but spring is the perfect time to do so. During an afternoon of clear skies, take a bit of Windex and paper towels and wipe down your windows. To clear away any streaks, we recommend using newspaper.  Next, to ensure your windows are working properly, open and close them a few times and caulk any gaps you spot in the framing.


11. Show your lawn some love.

April showers are no joke. To jumpstart your lawn care and keep it green all season, remove twigs and apply seed to bald patches of grass. Something to note: weed-killing fertilizer works fastest when applied before rain showers. So, keep those eyes peeled on the weather channel.


12. Inspect your roofing.

Take a look at your roof and inspect for curling, cracked or missing shingles. Also, look for any damaged metal around the chimney pipes or skylights and call your local roofing company for repairs.