Spruce Up Your Yard for Summer

Spruce Up Your Yard For Summer.jpg

Summer season officially kicks off in June and Rieger Realty wants to help you prepare! If you’ve been wanting to decorate your backyard, have friends over for those summer barbecues or create a space where your kids can get off their iPhones and play, then we want to help you out!

With Spring on its way out and Summer just looming around the corners, we think it is best to welcome the oncoming season with arms wide open! Let’s plunge right into it:

We love anything and everything DIY. There’s something about creating a project from scratch with your own hands that allows you to enjoy the finished project much more than simply buying it or getting someone else to do it. This list compiled by Buzzfeed shows some amazing and easy how-to’s on a budget.

Most of the projects can be completed with things that are probably already in your home, shed or garage. Get ready to dust some things off and make them look brand new! Check out the awesome list here.

If you’re past the DIY stage and are looking for some fancier upgrades, then that is awesome, too! Maybe your patio has existed for years but needs an upgrade or maybe your grill needs some counter space. Have no fear! This awesome gallery should get your creative juices flowing. Check out the gorgeous images of inspiration here.

Whatever you decide to design, make sure the space reflects your needs! A backyard should be an oasis; any time you need to take a staycation, forget booking the hotel one state over and retreat to your backyard instead. We suggest putting in fun pops of color, adding different things that will make you want to visit your backyard (such as caring for plants or an herb garden) and comfy seating.

If you have a small area of land or are lucky to have multiple acres, we hope you find what fits best for you. Here’s to no longer looking at your yard from the window and wishing.

Happy decorating!