New Beginnings

New Beginnings Commercial Property.jpg

It may still be February, but this weather has got us feeling like it's April. That being said, spring is a time for new beginnings, and we’re not talking about organizing your closet. However, if you want to rearrange your closets, we’re thinking that maybe you should rearrange their contents into brown boxes. 

Springtime is the best time to sell your home in Norman, and Rieger Realty would love to guide you through that process. Selling a home is a huge responsibility, and can often be stressful whether you’ve moved eight times or only once. One of the most important things we like to focus on is making our clients’ experiences the best they’ve ever had with a realtor in Oklahoma. 

Don’t get us wrong, though, springtime isn’t just good for selling and buying homes. It’s also a prime time for buying a commercial property. Buying your commercial property right now increases your chances of having your establishment up and running by the summer. 

We have some wonderful commercial properties right now that we would love to show you. 556 24th Ave is a small commercial building that would make for an excellent office space. With electric, water and gas included in the $978 per month rent, this property is great for young businesses, or even retail establishments. 

Looking for a place where you can build your commercial property from the ground up? We can work with you there, too. 26th and Wall Street features six different lots that are ready for brand new properties. However, we can’t guarantee that your establishment will be up and running by summertime with this option. Nevertheless, these lots are large in size and can handle bigger companies as well and more spacious institutions. 

Regardless of whether you’re wanting a fresh start in the spring with a new home or a new commercial building, Rieger Realty wants to be the company that walks you through the process of finding your perfect piece of real estate.