Happy National Home Ownership Month

What started as a week-long celebration has now become the one and only National Home Ownership month! Designed to encourage families to own, build, or restore a home, this month highlights the purpose of owning a home and what it means to our country.

To many, a home is a place of refuge after a long day of work but it is so much more. A home is something that has driven people to communities that help them to grow and prosper. In these communities, families are involved, making differences where they matter. Whether it be in our economy or schools, engaging in homeownership is a common denominator in a successful society.

Important principles are learned at home and pour into surrounding environments, making the American Dream a reality. Home is a place that symbolizes the hard work and efforts that go into owning a house and it will always be a place that people remember most.

Celebrate the triumph that is becoming a homeowner and sharing the dream with other homeowners alike this June!