Going Commercial? Let Us Help

It’s the beginning of the year, which means your thoughts might not be focused on purchasing commercial property (you're trying to max out bicep curls with those 5 lb dumbbells, right?) Well, we’re here to tell you that right now is the perfect time to buy. Before you dive in, though. There are just a few things to think about first.

The most important aspect to look at is your finances. Before you think about leasing or purchasing commercial property, make sure that your budget is in line to do so. Once this area is all good, your next task is to simply find a property that fits your company's wants and needs.

Low and behold, we most definitely have the perfect commercial property for you. Whether you’re looking for something spacious or something a little more quaint, we have what you need and are here to walk you through the process.

Our properties available at 26th and Wall St. in Norman are amazing if you’re in need of something with lots of room. These lot sizes range 74x150 feet to 79x150 feet and sit upon on a premier location in Norman.

Now, if something a little smaller is more up your alley, the right commercial property for you might be 556 24th Ave NW. This location includes electric, water, and trash services so that everything you need is at your fingertips. This space is great for both retail and office space, and is now available for leasing!

Whether you need something small or large, we would love to help you out. Give us a call today so we can discuss your budget and the commercial properties that have caught your eye.