Artificial Grass? 5 Unique Ways to Improve Home Listings in Norman

5 Unique Ways to Improve Home Listings in Norman.jpg

As the real estate market fluctuates and new technology emerges, there’s one aspect that’s never going away: the need for buyers. While correctly pricing home listings in Norman is important, generating traffic is paramount to success. Because of this, agents and sellers alike must deploy new and clever ways to entice potential buyers.   

No matter how amazing your home is, the real estate market is competitive. It takes more than a coat of paint and manicured lawn to steer visitors to your door. If you’re selling your home and feeling suck, here are five unique ways to make home listings in Norman generate more interest.


1. Conversion Rooms

If you’re looking to add square footage (without taking on the hassle of a home addition), you may consider converting an attic or basement into a useable space. For attic conversions, you’ll need to follow the “rule of seven.”

In most areas, building codes require that finished attics must total 70 feet or more with minimum heights and widths of seven feet. Once you’ve figured out the logistics of your drywall, carpeting and insulation, you can transform a lonely attic into a spare guest room, playroom or reading nook.

If you’re considering a basement conversion, heating, plumbing and ventilation will be your first orders of business. Once you’ve prepared the space, the sky’s the limit. You can turn what was once a dark basement into a game room, second living area or your very own private speakeasy!


2. Material Swaps

Today’s buyers aren’t just looking for a great deal on a house, they’re looking for ways to boost long-term savings on their investment. To boost the value of your home, swap out materials and appliances for more eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions. 

ENERGY STAR qualified windows can save buyers $126-465 a year in utilities while LED bulbs use about 75% less electricity compared to traditional lighting.

Some other tasks to consider include fixing leaky faucets (saves $35 and 1,661 gallons per year), insulating hot water pipes (saves 3-4% on heating bills) and weather stripping windows (saves 5-10% on heating and cooling bills).


3. Holiday Help

With three major holidays approaching, there’s never been a better time to enlist the help of your neighbor. One of the emotional aspects of buying a new home is the worry of feeling accepted in a new community. An effective way to help prospective buyers feel at home is to facilitate as many introductions as possible.

Host a meetup in your home, pass out turkey legs near Thanksgiving or hire a Santa to take photos with neighborhood children. The key is making your space as approachable to buyers as possible and helping them envision themselves in the home. These tactics are especially helpful during the cooler months – which is typically a time of lower foot traffic.


4. Artificial Grass

Goodbye maintenance and hello to a plush, green yard. One of the most viable alternatives to landscaping is artificial grass. It comes in a variety of textures, finishes, colors, blade shapes and one of the biggest selling points is it doesn’t require constant watering.

It’s green year round and Oklahoma’s unpredictable weather has little bearing on its appearance. Due to its resiliency, it can stand up to harsh elements including rain and snow. Another perk to share with potential buyers is that it has better drainage and dries faster than a traditional lawn.


5. Virtual Tours

Looking for a way to attract dozens or perhaps… thousands of potential buyers? Create a virtual open house or live stream a day in your home so prospects can see what it’s like to live there. According to ABC News, 77% of homebuyers say they begin their search for homes online – so why not meet them there?

To set up a virtual tour, ask your realtor if they have a preferred vendor. If they don’t, we recommend checking out sites like or to create one. On a final note, upload your virtual tour to YouTube and link to it from all your social media pages (bonus points if you can get friends and family to share it).


There are thousands of ways to attract new buyers.

However, they almost always start with finding the right realtor. For more information about home listings in Norman or other tips for selling your home in a flash, we invite you to reach out to our team today at (405) 310-2796.