6 Reasons You Should Partner with an Oklahoma Realtor


Buying and selling a home continues to get easier each year as technology advances and helps customers learn the steps to homeownership. Yet even with all these new programs and apps and ways to buy and sell your home, it’s still an extensive process with a ton of steps, each important from the smallest to the massive. 

Because of this, it’s still the best option in most cases to consider getting a realtor, especially in Oklahoma where realtors typically have a detailed knowledge of their market. Realtors can provide you with a peace of mind that doing it all on your own does not often offer. Here are our six reasons to partner with a realtor in your home buying and selling journey. 


The first and foremost benefit a quality realtor offers you is a barrier between you and potential customers. You can still meet prospective buyers, but without the stress of having to discuss the costs and answer various questions that, let’s face it, you don’t always have the answers for. 

Negotiating is intense enough on its own, let alone when it’s your home or future home you’re trying to discuss. Haggling on price is much harder to do when it’s something you really care about, so getting a realtor to have these conversations frees you up to do other, less stressful tasks. 

Contracts and Paperwork

Unless you are already in a career field that frequently handles detailed paperwork and contracts, or you just love reading and editing mundane text, one of the best reasons to get a realtor is that you can allow them to take over. When you’re selling your home, there are a lot of documents you’ll need, and they can be a headache. This is one situation where creating a middle man can really help you out. 


Odds are, you’re putting a lot of work into your home to get it ready to sell, but everyone makes mistakes. Without a realtor, you’re the one responsible for being honest and transparent about any issues that the home may have, and let’s face it, you could miss something. 

With a realtor, it’s not up to you to notice every detail when talking to prospective buyers. A realtor will go through your property and make sure everything is ready and, if it’s not, it’s up to them to let you and/or buyers know. 

Save Money

Home sellers’ most frequent reason for not using a realtor is the cost; everyone knows realtors take a percentage of the overall sale, and many sellers would prefer to try and keep that money. However, with realtors’ various tools and knowledge of the industry, it’s often the case that realtors end up saving their clients money. 

From preferred vendors and partners to the ability to obtain and create documents, realtors have a variety of ways to sell your home faster and easier while saving you money in the process. 

A Larger Scope

We’re sure you’re very popular, but that doesn’t mean you have a large network of potential home buyers. Realtors will be able to offer your home to a much wider variety of people since they are plugged in to the market.

This is also another way that realtors end up being worth the cost, as offering your home to a larger group of potential buyers can also mean an increase in sale price. Plus, you don’t have to spend time giving each and every customer a tour, since they will take care of that part as well. 

Market Knowledge

As we’ve mentioned, a realtor’s intimate knowledge of the home buying and selling process makes life easier for clients. More specifically, your realtor knows the market. They will be able to tell you where your price point should be. 

Even better, a realtor will be able to utilize marketing and advertising tools available to them and reach a larger audience. In the end, partnering with a realtor often means your home gets sold faster and at a higher price than it would have on your own. 

Trying to sell a home in Oklahoma can be challenging. But, a trusted real estate agent can advertise your property to qualified buyers who are ready to make an immediate decision. To learn more about selling a home in Norman or relocating, we invite you to reach us today at (405) 310-2796.